This presentation outlines a Just-in-Time Teaching approach to simulation preparation utilized in some of the larger simulation events in the BScN program at Thompson Rivers University. As our school utilizes a concept-based curriculum, it can be challenging to ensure that all foundational content and concepts a simulation are built upon are present in prior coursework. A Just-in-time approach provides or refreshes relevant knowledge prior to application in the simulated environment.


Presenters: Jim Lomen MN RN CCSNE and Kristen Plowe RN BScN MN 



James (Jim) Lomen MN RN CCSNE

Assistant Teaching Professor School of Nursing, Thompson Rivers University.

Jim is a Thompson Rivers University alumni graduate with a diploma in nursing (1993), Bachelor of Science in Nursing from University of Northern British Columbia (1999), Master of Nursing from University of Washington Bothell with a final project researching simulation integration into undergraduate nursing curriculum (2013).

Jim has 25 years of practice experience in rural and urban acute care, emergency, and was the team lead of a rapid response program for 6 years.  He has practiced in Canada, the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand and the Caribbean.  He began augmenting his clinical practice with teaching part time in 2008 and taught continuously until transiting to his current full time educator role at Thompson Rivers University in 2021 where he now holds a tenure track position.

Jim currently teaches theory, simulation, lab, and clinical practice, and is chair of the simulation education advisory committee for the School of Nursing.



Kristen Plowe RN/MN  


As a nurse educator, my primary goal is to foster a dynamic and interactive learning environment that cultivates critical thinking and clinical reasoning skills in my students. I am constantly searching for innovative and engaging teaching methods that keep students engaged and excited about what they are learning. Simulation based learning creates an immersive platform for students to apply knowledge and practice skills in a controlled setting. With a background in acute care, I aim to create scenarios that reflect the complex and dynamic real-world of clinical practice to help foster inquiry and confidence in the next generation of nurses. 


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